Chanel Preston Getting Fucked in the Bedroom!

by Spizoo

Chanel Preston is down in the dumps, until her step brother, Donnie Rock, helps to cheer her up. Chanel Preston is having trouble with her boyfriend, and her step brother happens to come home from college for the weekend. Donnie goes into her room to console her, and Chanel Preston just can’t help herself. She is impressed by the new found mustache that Donnie grew while studying at school, and starts to touch him all over. You can imagine where this goes from there

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Chanel Preston’s New Video “Lady Boss: Boom or Bust”


Chanel Preston is being featured in a new video over at Girls Way together with Sydney Cole. It was published today with the title “Lady Boss: Boom or Bust”.

Sydney Cole is late for work again and knows her boss, Chanel Preston, will be upset. This isn’t the first time this has happened and now she needs a solid excuse to save herself. Running through her options, she drives as fast as she can. When she gets to work, Chanel is already on the phone yelling at someone. Things are not looking good.

Before she can start apologizing, Chanel tells her to sit down and starts barking orders at her. It looks like her investments are going down and some of her clients want to sell their shares. Dismissing them, she hangs up the phone. When Sydney asks her if she can do anything for her, Chanel takes off her skirt and motions for her to eat her pussy. There’s really nothing better than an orgasm for stress relief. Sydney gets on all fours and starts eating her out from under the desk.

As soon as she starts licking her, the stress begins to dissipate. Unfortunately, the phone won’t stop ringing but that doesn’t stop Chanel from answering it. Once she cums, she asks Sydney to get up from under the desk and starts removing her clothes. An orgasm won’t be enough to satiate her today. She starts licking her tits as soon as she gets her shirt off. When Chanel has another phone call to make, she makes sure that Sydney is tonguing her ass in the process. She needs to have a clear mind to make the deals she needs to make today. The phone won’t stop ringing but that doesn’t stop the girls from conducting their business!

Previews of photos related to “Lady Boss: Boom or Bust” with Chanel Preston:

Chanel Preston: Lady Boss: Boom or Bust - 1

Chanel Preston: Lady Boss: Boom or Bust - 2

Chanel Preston: Lady Boss: Boom or Bust - 3

Chanel Preston: Lady Boss: Boom or Bust - 4

Chanel Preston: Lady Boss: Boom or Bust - 5

Unfortunately the full update is for Girls Way members only. A trailer is available here.

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Chanel Preston Starring In “Horny Hostess”


Chanel Preston is being featured in a new video over at Reality Kings together with Seth Gamble. It was published on Jan 8th under the name “Horny Hostess”.

“Today I caught someone staring inside my car. I thought I was going to have to chase away a thief, but it turned out to be a girl checking her reflection to see if her makeup was all right. Not just any girl – shapely, busty MILF Chanel Preston! She introduced herself and explained she was having a terrible day – she had just been fired from her hostess position…for getting caught giving a blowjob on the clock! I helped her find her lipstick and since I knew she liked to give head, I invited her into my car. Chanel saw her day was getting better, especially when she saw the size of my dick. She gave me a blowjob right there in my car in broad daylight, then I drove her back to my place where I drove my cock down her throat. Chanel was so sexy when she gazed up at me with her dick in her mouth, and even sexier grinding up and down on my shaft. After some hot doggystyle, this horny hostess told me to shower her in my cum, before she cleaned me off with her mouth. Who would fire such an amazing woman?”

Previews from “Horny Hostess” with Chanel Preston:

If you’re a member of Reality Kings then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.