Chanel Preston in “Your Mom Is A Cocksucker”


Reality Kings presents Chanel Preston in “Your Mom Is A Cocksucker”.

Hey, it’s me, Britney Light – you won’t believe what happened… I was over at my friend’s house playing video games, when I spotted her mom, Mrs. Preston (well, I guess I can call her Chanel after everything that happened), sucking off some..

Details: Full video published 2018/03/05.

Cast: Chanel Preston, Alex Legend and Britney Light.

There is a trailer available here.

Chanel Preston Getting Fucked in the Bedroom!

by Spizoo

Chanel Preston is down in the dumps, until her step brother, Donnie Rock, helps to cheer her up. Chanel Preston is having trouble with her boyfriend, and her step brother happens to come home from college for the weekend. Donnie goes into her room to console her, and Chanel Preston just can’t help herself. She is impressed by the new found mustache that Donnie grew while studying at school, and starts to touch him all over. You can imagine where this goes from there

Chanel Preston Starring In “Horny Hostess”


Reality Kings presents Chanel Preston in “Horny Hostess”.

Today I caught someone staring inside my car. I thought I was going to have to chase away a thief, but it turned out to be a girl checking her reflection to see if her makeup was all right. Not just any girl – shapely, busty MILF Chanel Preston!..

Details: Full video published 2018/01/08.

Cast: Chanel Preston, Seth Gamble.

There is a trailer available here.